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The act of swatting a fly awesomely
Hot damn you Barack Attacked that fly
by ManMonkey June 19, 2009
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1 : a medical condition that occurs when a humans excitement level exceeds a manageable thresh hold, causing an interruption in the brain and the person to faint and collapse
2 : a. Barack Obama on offense or defense
b. act of offense or defense Obama style
3 : Yet to be formed musical group
Someone dial 911 or find a doctor, this guy just had a barack attack.

I don't think Hilary is prepared or strong enough to survive a barack attack.

If Obama is elected he will barack attack Al Qaeda

I had a dream last night bout this awesome band called Barack Attack
by Dirty Southerner March 18, 2008
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The revolution that will occur when the typically mentally unstable Obama wingnuts finally concede that Obama is a fraud and therefore unelectable.

These typical white wingnuts will join forces with the typical black radicals to create anarchy to over throw the government and Wall Street to get the reparations they and Michelle Obama believe society at large owes them for living in the United States.
The United States will face a racial schism, a Barack Attack, when white Obama wingnuts finally accept what the black radicals already know - that Obama is a fraud.
by who_knows May 23, 2008
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