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Media slang of the term 'child pornography' to give the impression of innocuous yet filthy material.
Cops found a huge cache of kiddie porn videotapes intended for underground trading and distribution at the home of David Asimov (son of a science fiction author) in California in 1998. David got away with the lenient sentence of a six-month house arrest and three years probation. True story.
by Dirty Harry August 04, 2003

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Ultimate blasphemy. Used to express deep disbelief, extreme anger and boiling hatred. Ideal for expressing Sadean atheism and misanthropy. Similar to clusterfuck
"Christfuck, I hate conceited people and this stupid fuckin' world!"
by Dirty Harry December 14, 2004

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A-tube - reffering to the anus
dont blow smoke up my a-tube
by dirty harry December 05, 2004

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Some who is intoxicated and doesnt shut the fuck up
1. Billy is smashed and wont shut the fuck up
2. When sally gets drunk she talks like a drunk
3.when i get smashed i pee my pants and talk about it like its a good thing
by Dirty Harry October 06, 2003

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Burning poop in a paper bag on someones doorstep.
Let's give Mr. Jefferson some scrambled eggs.
by Dirty Harry April 02, 2003

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A niche celebrity being shot to death in an unlikely circumstance, like at a rock concert.
"That has-been actor-turned-minimum wage security guard Gary Coleman got dimebagged in an arcade parlor at the mall last night"
by Dirty Harry December 14, 2004

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