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Government of liars. Rule by the dishonest. What we basically have in the US today. All politicians are corrupt and full of shit. They will say anything to the public to get elected, and do the opposite once elected. If they tell the truth, it is only accidental. They serve only moneyed interests, but never mention this fact.
Obama promised to get us out of two wars, pass meaningful health care reform, take care of "main street," and "bring change to America." No dice. He is just another member of the liarocracy.
by Dickie Bundle October 18, 2010
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A Public Display of Gayness, or gay affection. A variation of P. D. A (Public Display of Affection),
That guy is rubbing that other guy's back in front of that restaurant... wait, now they're making out, it's a full on P. D. Gay!
by Dickie Bundle July 26, 2010
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1. Acronym: FSS. At the beaches in Chicago on Lake Michigan, Fecal Shock Syndrome is the result of encountering multiple soiled diapers on the beach or in the water. Symptoms include disgust, repulsion, running to get away, and later a sense of general contamination and (possibly psychosomatic) itching and general discomfort. Many people of a certain socioeconomic group in Chicago feel this is perfectly OK: baby poops, remove diaper and toss it on the beach.

2. Any instance where you see feces and it clearly does not belong there.
1. I dove in off the rocks at Montrose beach and saw three diapers floating in the water. Fecal Shock Syndrome set in immediately. I went home ant took a 30 minute shower.

2. I had fecal shock syndrome after someone shit between the dumpsters in the alley behind my apartment.
by Dickie Bundle September 12, 2012
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Basically, the King of Shit; a person who is a douchebag, dumbass, asshole, shithead, etc.
You, Sir, are The Earl of Duke.
by Dickie Bundle May 26, 2010
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Any situation, common in Yuppie infested urban areas, where strollers clog and block any progress into restaurants, onto subways and elevated trains, through park paths, sidewalks, etc. This is the result of affluent, clueless, inconsiderate breeders with small children and $400.00 strollers who think they own all public spaces and can therefore slowly push their giant strollers anywhere and in any direction in the middle of any doorway they please in complete oblivion as to the the existence of other, non stroller pushing people.

Could also be called "stroller block."
I tried to ride my bike down the path today, but it was a total stroller party and I had to ride on the grass.

We went to brunch at (fill in the blank) but it was a total stroller party so we went to (any place less likely to attract strollers and their vile pushers).
by Dickie Bundle September 17, 2010
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When some spoiled, self absorbed, rich douche is complaining about his or her trivial annoyances when they should have better things to worry about like the rest of us poor chumps... paying bills, buying food, etc.

Extends to rich business owners and corporations when any kind of rule or regulation is imposed on them.
Rich guy: "My new Italian Marble floor in my fifth bathroom has a crack in it."

You: "Sounds like a Luxury Problem."

The new regulations say I have to pay to clean up the toxic chemicals I dumped in the river! Now I might not be able to buy another vacation home!

Yup, Luxury Problem for sure.
by Dickie Bundle June 10, 2010
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