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Abbreviation for injured reserve. In professional sports, when a player is placed on the IR, he cannot play for a long time or is considered out for the season. It can also be used informally if someone is injured and can't play sports for a while.
Guy 1: Hey man, we're getting a baseball game together later, wanna play?

Guy 2: Nah sorry dude, I'm on the IR with a sprained ankle from playing pickup basketball.

Guy 1: Oh man that blows, I hope we can see you back on the field in a few weeks.
by Devveyovich July 10, 2008
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A soda from a fast food restaurant that was not paid for. You acquire it by finding a random cup, then filling up the cup at the fountain when the employees aren't looking.
Guy 1: How did you get that soda? I ordered everything for us and I know you didn't ask for one.
Guy 2: Just found a cup lying around and filled it up.
Guy 1: So, you stole it.
Guy 2: Yup. Hood soda, son!
by Devveyovich July 12, 2017
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In football, an abbreviation for a lost fumble on a kickoff return, or kick return fumble. This is the deadliest of all turnovers in football because the team that loses the fumble is giving the ball back right after allowing a score. The recovering team usually gets great field position, while the team that gave up the football has to put its tired defense back on the field.
Following the Westbrook touchdown, the Giants committed a krumble, giving the Eagles the ball in New York territory with a great opportunity to score again.
by Devveyovich December 28, 2009
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A tattoo on a girl's breast. Tit + tattoo = tittoo.
That hot chick has a tittoo of a smiley face.
by Devveyovich June 09, 2004
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Weapon X is the nickname for arguably the best safety in the NFL today, Philadelphia Eagle Brian Dawkins. Dawkins is a six time Pro Bowler who has roamed the middle of the field for the Eagles for 11 years and still is as good as ever. Weapon X can do it all: hard hits, interceptions, sacks, pass defense, and even the occasional touchdown. Simply put, the dude is NASTY! Guys like Santana Moss, Terrell Owens, and Plaxico Burress have to change their pants before facing the Eagles because they shit themselves just looking at Dawkins. Weapon X is a surefire Hall of Famer within the next ten years.
Brian Dawkins, aka Weapon X, is one of the best safeties to ever play the game. To see an awesome highlight video of his greatness, go to YouTube and search for "Weapon X."
by Devveyovich September 07, 2007
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Alternate term for mayonnaise. Like the male ejaculate, mayo is white and creamy with a taste that many people like but others hate.
(person is ordering at McDonald's drive-thru)

Yo let me get two McChicken sandwiches, no skeet please.
by Devveyovich July 10, 2008
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Rag that you use to catch your skeet at the end of masturbating. Can be an old towel, t-shirt, or something disposable like paper towels. Skeet rags need to be thrown out after a certain amount of uses, otherwise they get too hard and become really gross.
My brother's skeet rag has been used so many times, it's as stiff as a piece of wood. He needs to throw that damn thing out.
by Devveyovich August 09, 2009
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