Safety of the Denver Broncos. Dawkins previously spent a 13-year tenure with the Philadelphia Eagles before the front office decided to fag it all up and give him away.
Brian Dawkins will forever be a green and white Eagle
by nonameisreallyneeded February 27, 2009
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Used to describe someone who is acting defensive.
Coming from Brian Dawkins, best safety in the NFL.
"Calm down man. I'm just joking. No need to get all Brian Dawkins on me.
by Jay Boehm February 14, 2007
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The best safety ever to play in the NFL. He lays out 270 pound tight ends.He made BUBBA FRANKS leave the game on a stretcher.BEAST! THE way he kill people makes recievers so scared,they shit on their nutsacks when they have to come across the middle. Other safeties wish they were as good like that fag SEAN TAYLOR AKA SPITTER and ROY WILLIAMS AKA HORSECOLLAR TACKLE
JT: Yo Brian Dawkins is a fuckin beat!He'll shit on anyone.
Bruce the Hater: Sike! He sucks. Sean Taylor is the best.
JT:HAHAH! Didn't he spit on sum1 then get rocked in the fuckin face and ejeted!WOW! What an embarrassment. FAGET!
Bruce the Hater:Damn,true that.B-Dawk is a beast n SEAN TAYLOR does suck big,black,balls. Shoutout 2 da ball Phils!
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