is an amazing actress that played the always funny, fast talking and cool mom Lorelai Gilmore, Sarah Braverman the one who always cries on Parenthood and the sassy manager Joan from Zoeys Extraordinary Playlist. Lauren Graham is the prettiest person on the planet and usually steals the hearts of everyone who watches her. Lauren loves her horse sized dog Mochi and she has the biggest crackhead energy!
That’s Lauren Graham. I love Lauren Graham. Lauren Graham stole my heart.
by megxlaurenn May 8, 2020
The mom in extremely annoying show Gilmore Girls. Teenage boys druel over her and think she's a MILF, even though she looks like a dude. Needs to show more skin.
Spotty teenager 1 : Dude, did you see Lauren Graham last night on Gilmore Girls ?
Spotty teenager 2 : Yeah man, she showed some serious knee.
Spotty teenager 1 : Sweet!
by thebends May 31, 2006