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The original blasphemous girl - Miss Tairrie B of my ruin.
Any self-confessed Ruiner who can't get enough of Brutal language, love, violence, religion and sex.
Torture me with timelessness, worship my fist with every kiss, resurrection of my pain, drag me down your memory lane, introduce me to devotion, leave me numb with no emotion.
by Devonian Delia March 20, 2006
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A sensible and useful pen-knife that can be used for an array of things as well as fishing.
Comes in particularly handy when trying to break into public facilities in a country where you don't speak the language but can infer that a pretty lady is about to soil herself.
Quick, be a gert and get the rex hunt fishing tool!
by Devonian Delia September 05, 2006
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A friendly face can be used to describe the presence of you and your friends. Instead of refering to yourself in the first person; objectify yourself.
"Let's pop our friendly face in and see your sister"
"We could pop our friendly faces into the shop on the way homw to get snacks in bowls"
by Devonian Delia January 25, 2006
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The best god damn band ever to grace the world of rock!
My Ruin are a 4 piece fronted by Tairrie B formally of Tura Satana, her guitar man Mr Mick Metal Murph is her long-term partner in crime and together they have a side project called The LVRS.
My Ruin is awesome, pure, honest and brutal rock and roll music with a passion and sparkle that is equalled by none.
Nowadays it's easy to be swayed by images portrayed.
by Devonian Delia March 20, 2006
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A woman who will 'tut' at offensive language, drink only bottled water, do yoga, insist that all foreign meat is probably dog, wear H & M skirts in Vietnam and refuse free alcoholic beverages incase she gets dehydrated or sick.
A shrouse will typically have mousey brown, lifeless hair and wear glasses. Necessary shouse accessories are... an oversized handbag containing things 'just incase' , a ladies blanket, and a little book containing 'important' phone numbers just incase her phone brakes down.
"Oh my god, she came prepared with her own snacks in bowls, just incase the food they supplied contained dog! She's such a shrouse!"
by Devonian Delia January 10, 2006
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itschme literaly means "it's me" but is must be uttered quickly in a monosyllabic fashion. It can be used in place of hello, but can also be used as an action in the past, present or future tense. To itschme somewhere...
Let's itschme our friendly faces in the pub.
by Devonian Delia January 25, 2006
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Snacks in bowls can refer to any type of food and it doesn't necessarily have to be in a bowl. However, it must be eaten either in bed while drunk at 4 o'clock in the morning or with a hangover while sporting a rebecca riotor while on a journey on l'auto du cambode Usually in the later case it will consist of a Subway and most definately should be accompanied with a gin and tonic in a can!
"Lets storm to the shop and buy some snacks in bowls before we embark on our journey on l'auto du cambode"
by Devonian Delia January 25, 2006
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