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A Bristolian slang word meaning 'Big' or 'Very' etc.

Often said in a very Farmerish Bristolian accent by the slightly older generation.
1. Shut yer mouth you bloody gert bastard, you.

2. That was a gert Hippo.

3. Gert lush.
by Jube December 12, 2005
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'Great' or 'very' in a dirty bristol accent.
'E took me behind the chip shop, and when 'e cum in I, it were gert lush.
by Sam November 13, 2003
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To ejaculate seminal fluid multiple times in an abrupt and violent manner, often without regard for the well-being of others.
I gerted on her face.
They played rock-paper-scissors to gert on their knee.
Sometimes you just gotta gert.
by Mike&Drag March 10, 2011
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(gurt) v. -ing
the act of physically pleasuring a man in any way shape or form.
1. oh, please gert me off

2. The girl was gerting me off.

3. i was gerting a man softly.
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