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A fake lacoste Shirt.
It can be determined by its cheap quality, and crappy buttons that usually say Lacoste on them, when a real Lacoste has no writing on it.
What a poser, wearing facoste's since he cant afford real lacoste'polo due to his overexpensive car.
by Deeznuts June 23, 2005
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To over-enthusiastically express emotion over any trivial detail, sort of how Regis Philbin would do!

Using a voice similar to his is key!
Hey!!! are those new shoe's!!! wow!! thats awesome!!!!

(yelling in line at a restaurant while jumping) Stewarts orange drink is the best IN THE WORLD!!! while embarrasing your friends

When your the victim, your friends can say you just got Regis'd
by Deeznuts August 30, 2005
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To over-enthusiatically express emotion regarding regular everday situations while freaking out the other person your talking to (the victim)
Speaking very fast and unclear as well.
Sort of like Regis Philbin would do to a contestant or a guest on his shows.
(dude walks by wearing nike shoes)


(guy that is now freaked hears from his freind "That guy just Regis'd you man.. you ok?"

I will be give me a sec...
by Deeznuts August 19, 2005
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While performing the sacred art of the one legger from behind, one can pause, look, and appreciate the ASSets in front of you as you begin to wail on the cheeks as if they were speed punching bags at your local gym.
Yo B! check out the badonkadaonk on that filth, id give my left nut to giver her the thunder jammer.
by Deeznuts May 12, 2006
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When pubic hair becomes hard and almost brittle when semen dries on it.
I didnt have a towel and now I have fluffle-stixs
by Deeznuts December 10, 2004
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Doing the DO, not just on one leg, but while grabbing your ankle, and using the force of the weight while moving in and out à la old school dancing.

Can also be a dance word
yo check it out!, hes doing the one legger

yo man? you gave her the one-legger?
by Deeznuts January 15, 2005
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To be up by a stroke in golf.
Well I birdied and you saved par, so looks like im up by a kirk douglas
by Deeznuts June 28, 2007
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