A fantastic, almost magical drink supplied by McDonald's for public functions. Usually indicative of a long, drawn out, poorly prepared and funded school event (orange drink=suck). It tastes like orange, but only not realy. More like you mixed frozen orange juice, rain water, and paid a hobo a twinky to piss in it. That's much closer to the actual taste. But for some reason watered down orange piss failed in marketing. Go figure.
Upon seeing the McDonald's Orange drink little Billy knew he made a mistake going to the school's annual "Pasta Pigout". Horror ensued.
by Optimus McGillicutty January 21, 2008
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2) The proper name for "Orange Soda"
1)"Yo, get me a colrink"
"Sure, what kind?"

2) I'd like an urncolrink, please
by p3nguinpi3 May 25, 2004
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Everyone must drink a Glass of orange juice and consume a tube of Toothpaste.
"It's that day of the year again, National Drink Orange juice and Eat toothpaste Day"
"Please, don't remind me"
by SirGrove October 21, 2021
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