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An awkward, irritating co-worker that creeps you out during lunch. The lunch troll typically preys on pretty girls in the company cafeteria or break room. It may try to strike up an unwanted conversation with you, sit at your table uninvited, stare at you for long periods of time, or ask you on a date.
Mariah: I was getting coffee this morning and I turned around and saw lunch troll standing in the corner staring at me... eeew!

Beckie: That's not bad, I was in the cafeteria microwaving food and it came up and asked me what I did last night... *creepy*

Me: I was telling my buddies about this hot girl I just met and lunch troll sat down and started asking strange questions about her... *uncomfortable*
by dee-rock March 18, 2010

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This is the elitist attitude World of Warcraft players get after playing the Death Knight class for too long.

This attitude comes primarily from the Death Knight's ability to cause massive amounts of damage with little player effort. Soon the player realizes that he causes far more damage than everyone else & eventually concludes that he is a better player. In reality Death Knights are just over-powered, and everyone knows it.

Death Knight Syndrome at its finest:

One night in a Heroic Naxx raid...

John (Death Knight): Hey, this warlock in blues is *only* doing 2400 dps, can you boot him from the raid or something?

Me (raid leader): He's here on time every week & pays attention. Plus he's a nice guy.

John: Seriously, this free-loader is draggin' us down, we might not get epix... please boot him.

Me: John its fine! stfu & relax, not every class can /faceroll to 4000 dps like you.
by dee-rock March 04, 2009

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A driving contest in which participants must chug an entire 6-pack of beer, then immediately race their car/truck to a certain location and back. This is often done by drunken hill-billies late at night.. and sometimes recorded on video to share with others.

To turn it up a notch, try the six-pack challenge in rain or snow.
John: Damn, I hit some guy's mailbox while doing the six pack challenge tonight. My Camaro is fucked up!
by dee-rock October 23, 2007

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"You 'Gonna Die"

Something you say when somebody irritates you or makes you angry. Also commonly used as a retort to an insult, personal joke or prank.
One afternoon, after watching Tom loose all his money on the very first hand of poker...

Me: HA-HA-HA! Fail!

Tom: U.G.D.
by Dee-rock December 04, 2009

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A small, quiet, town at the top of Blue Mountain, in Dauphin Country, PA. Piketown has a fire company, an elementary school, 2 churches, a few dozen houses and about the same number of trailer homes. The town has remained fairly unchanged for many years since there has not been new development. A good place to go 4-wheeling and have outdoor parties if you have friends there.
I took a drive through Piketown last week, it hasn't changed in years.
by dee-rock May 23, 2011

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The act of drinking alcohol specifically to be able to sleep in an uncomfortable place. Typically used outdoors, when sleeping in the front seat of a car, or when sleeping on the floor of your friends dorm.
Kieth: Hey Bud, wanna come camping at the rock quary this weekend?

Me: Sure, do I need to bring anything special?

Kieth: Bring an air mattress, the ground is rocky.

Me: I'll be fine, I plan on bringing my Beer Mattress!
by dee-rock May 15, 2010

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The head of a penis.
Instead of thinking with his head, he's thinking with his sausage noggin.
by Dee-Rock June 22, 2012

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