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Originating (presumably) on the World of Warcraft forums, this is an essentially derogatory concept some people employ that means that all that a certain class must do in order to achieve success in the game is to bind every key on their keyboard to one ability that is perceived to be overpowered, and then continue to roll their face across the keyboard. The notion is that this one ability is so amazingly overpowered in relation to those of other classes, all one has to do is absently spam it as much as possible (and they might as well do it with their face, because there isn't any other use for the big stupid thing on top of their shoulders).
Priest: waah waah I'm a little bitch

Warrior: Oh stfu -
1) bind every key on your keyboard to Flash Heal
2) faceroll
by rpg November 18, 2007
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- To play a game without thinking about it or using strategy.

- To play through a particular boss or dungeon while ignoring the mechanics of that boss or dungeon.

- To play in a way that's analogous to rolling your face on your keyboard.

It's commonly used in World of Warcarft, where people who are over-geared or over-leveled for the dungeon that they are in, can finish it, despite mindlessly ignoring the mechanics of the dungeon.
This dungeon is so easy that you can just faceroll it.
by Sam_I_am March 31, 2014
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Background: when someone alleges a World of Warcraft class is either A) very simple to play, requiring no attention to dps rotation or B) has a hugely overpowered ability that compromises a unfair % of their DPS done.

In those situations, you, the alleged simpleton, would then keybind your entire keyboard to one or two abilities, carefully place left cheekbone on the W key, and while maintaining consistent pressure between your face and keyboard, roll your lips, nose, right cheekbone to about the L key, and then backwards to the W key, and then repeat.
"Death Knight DPS is faceroll, heart strike heart strike death strike"
by Loridian May 21, 2010
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a faceroll is when playing a video game, to use one's face on the keyboard to play the game instead of using one's hands.

(See alternate definition for etymology relating to World of Warcraft and one very specific meaning.)


This is a hyperbolic, humorous term used to imply that certain kinds of play are overpowered (i.e. unfair), very easy (again in contrast to others), or are marked by being devoid of any strategy. That is to say, you can play the game successfully (1) without looking at the screen and (2) by hitting random keys (with your face.)

The term faceroll can be used as generally derogatory or inflammatory, as it is essentially a personal attack devaluing the video game developers's judgment.

Evolution of the use of the term into gamer lexicon demonstrates the term can simply be used humorously as an absurdity (to alleviate tension rather than create an indictment.)
--In context of World of Warcraft--

"I played a Paladin once. I started playing, and then rolled my face over the keyboard. When I looked up, I was in Outland."

(This comment suggests that 1/3 of the game content can be completed using a Paladin character in one faceroll. This comment is witty and humorous as an absurdity, because it would take ~50-60 hours of play time to complete this task.)

"We don't need to use crowd control in this dungeon. We can just faceroll it."

(This player is arguing that the dungeon is so easy, the group doesn't need to pay attention to what they are doing.)
by Brain Gremlin January 19, 2011
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A. Common terminology used in such MMO RPG games as World of Warcraft, where a skilled player jokes about pwning a foe.

The term 'face roll' suggests that the person doing the 'face rolling' can beat their opponent by just 'rolling' their face along the keyboard, defeating their foe almost effortlessly.

B. "Face roll" can also be used a derogatory term, used when insulting another person's poor skills, or lack there of, when using their MMO RPG character.

The derogatory "face roll" term suggests the player used no skill what-so-ever and simply rolled their face along the keyboard.
A. Player: Wow, that guy is such a noob. I bet I could face roll him.

B. Player: Wtf was that dude? Did you just face roll that last boss or what? We wiped because of you asshole.
by HvyMetalMachine October 28, 2009
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Placing your face on the left (or right) side of your keyboard and rolling it to the opposite side, then posting your results out of disbelief.
My teammate totally just got owned by a 12 year old so I had to /faceroll.
by chicnstu0012 October 03, 2011
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