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a mid level bully is someone who is soft of big and sort of cool. He is a kid in high school who takes a little bit of shit from the most popular kids but takes it out on the majority of kids smaller then him.
Mike was captain of the football team and kicks everyone's ass, David isn't as athletic but he is a mid level bully makes some underclassmen fell like shit.
by David Atkins April 26, 2009
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PGP stands for Pre-Game Poop. This is when an individual is stressed out enough that their anxiety causes physical illness or problems in their intestines.

PGP's can vary from taking the biggest crap of your life, to experiencing explosive diarrhea so vile you run behind the nearest bush and drop your load to relieve your agony.
A PGP usually occurs prior to playing in an important game, acting in a play, your first court case as a lawyer, or any other event that would result in you feeling overwhelmed.
Brian: You ready for state finals today.
Zach: uh...I got take a PGP first...I'll be back.

Steve: Where the hell have you been, we have to go on stage in two minutes.
Mike: Oh, god! I had the worst PGP of my life, I think I just lost three pounds taking a dump in that trash can by the back of the theater.
by David Atkins March 10, 2011
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when someone grabs their nuts in their hand and shakes it vigorously in front of a large group of people. Jitter bugging is often done as a group event.
I'm never hanging out with those fag's again, i walked into there room and they were all jitter bugging.
by David Atkins February 19, 2009
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a word to describe any piece of underwear that is in someway unsavory. it is best used in reference to briefs with holes, or skid marks, but best used in reference to a banana hammock.
"I hate when people put their laundry in with mine, I reached into the machine and pulled out someone's cock cloth."
by David Atkins April 26, 2009
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When a girl has a great body and totally do-able, but her face looks like some kind of lagoon creature that has spawned from the combined hatred of the world into a tangible cluster-fuck of GOO!
She is so heinous that you would rather chop off her head and replace it with a Jack-o-lantern, take care of your business and then move on with your life. Hence the word 'Jackie.'
Jackie's are most commonly girls that you only see from behind and first and are misled to think is hot.
Sean: Dude that chick is seriously hot.
Adam: Which one?
Sean: The one over there with her back to us.
(She turns around)
Adam: Aw! She's a Jackie.
by David Atkins March 12, 2011
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a verb often used to describe a general fuck up in every sense of the word. If someone calls you Bilz or says you Bilzed, then you are a complete fuck up and total waste of space. you should do the planet a favor and kill yourself.
Brendan: Do you want to see if Eric is free to play pool with us?
Jeremy: Nah, last time we went he Bilzed all over the place
by David Atkins February 2, 2010
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This Phrase is to describe when someone tries to scam others and pitches the same basic idea, but alters it to make the victim seem special.
In high school i used this photography scam on all the jocks by selling them the same shit different wrapper
by David Atkins February 19, 2009
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