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When an unusually large , almost shocking uncircumcised dick has a knot of gnarly skin that dangles from the tip, almost like a second smaller dick.
You could hear Tony’s shockcocknot slap against his thigh as he walked back to his locker.
by Davedale August 25, 2019

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1.Butch lesbians that are scary looking. Or, 2. A subtle euphemism for dykes if you just use the first work “Yikes” , to point them out without being obvious .
That bouncer chick that works at the Diltod is scary, yikes dykes.
Check out the two waking toward us in the pendaltons w the combed back hair: “YIKES. (Whisper : dykes)
by Davedale August 18, 2019

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Someone who eats ass with such gusto that the friction from their face on the hairy crack region causes razor burns
The rash on that chicks face is from being a cracksnackler
by Davedale August 06, 2019

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A millennial who is usually ostensibly straight but buttons the top button of his golf shirt , has skinny arms and is a trace effeminate. He can’t change at the gym, and has a fear of nudity except he stares at older naked men.
Damn, Roger brought his hipster looking nephew to work out with us and he looked like a hipster and went home in his sweaty clothes . I think he’s a millennimo
by Davedale August 23, 2019

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A grown man afraid , for reasons know only to him , to change clothes at the gym in front of other guys . He makes a tent with a large towel and struggles to change underwear and gym shorts under it . Usually younger and never had PE, frequently stares at older guys who are not tentqueens
Rick’s nephew Cooper was bumping into lockers at the gym as he changed under a towel tent he made , he’s a tentqueen
by Davedale August 23, 2019

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A feminist who is extreme in her views, especially PC neurosis and social justice warrior’ing , but on top of that she is a major cunt., like ,” no you can’t invite your best friend you have had since high school I don’t like him”
We got Super Bowel tickets , but Terry can’t come, his wifes being a feminazicunt and says that’s her cousin’s birthday so they have to go to Pomona to the party because she hadn’t ever met said cousin and that football is sexist .
by Davedale August 16, 2019

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Someone who makes unwanted or inappropriate sexual advances to a dude
That cougar I work with hit on this guy from the custodial pool, she is a total sexual hisasser
by Davedale August 09, 2019

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