69 definitions by Davedale

Someone who rats you out, usually at work, to a boss they are generally brown nosing . An adult version of the childhood tattletale , but worse because they are a grownup .
That chick told the boss I bolted early Friday, even though we were done with our work, she’s a real shitozel
by Davedale July 15, 2019
Anal intercourse , penile insertion into the rectum via the a anus with resultant ejaculation
my girlfriend is a very versatile , wild , three Input pork monster . She’s all smiles this week because next week is national “give your bitch a brown week”
by Davedale July 18, 2019
A thin,
Effeminate guy who lifts weights but never gets big, a skinny guy with little muscles . Sports “fake butch “ T ‘s w police or fireman logos.
That Woody Allen looking guy lifts all the time but stays small, he’s a pump-queen
by Davedale August 13, 2019
Someone who can stiffen their tongue enough to bury it at least three inches into someone’s anus. Can b of either sex or orientation but reported to be most common amongst millennial males who change under a towel tent but stare at naked boomers at the gym. Often accompanied by top button of golf shirt buttoned.
They had a clip on pornhub that was gross, some freak buried his tongue into an old cops ass. He was a tongueplunger.
by Davedale August 24, 2019
Someone who , OCD style , compulsively and sometimes violently plunges their tongue deep into people’s anuses. They frequently are normal in appearance other that the hyper, jittery demeanor of just someone w ADD/ OCD. But don’t let their conservative threads throw you, they are hyper because they are fantasizing on doing their dirty deed, and when they loose control stick their tongue out (inappropriately ) at dinner parties , et al. Caveat : proceed w caution f you have a large , hairy white butt.
My friend dated this this tongueplunger she was hot but he spent a fortune on proctologist’s bills.
by Davedale August 13, 2019
the act, no rather the ART, of running ones tongue up someone's anus.
"Were gonna go rooty kazotie on you-tie"
by Davedale April 30, 2021
Someone with a chubby , cherubic face that looks as though someone might have passed gas either too close or directly into their applied lips .
That fat chick wouldn’t have been that bad a porkaloader except she was a fagart face too.
by Davedale July 14, 2019