15 definitions by DaveZeroZero

1. something sexually pleasing or arousing to someone considered to be a nerd.
dude, anime is soooo nerdrotic.
by DaveZeroZero April 26, 2007
What has been deemed to have been dished out by the pwner to the pwnee, as it were. It is the noun produced by the verb "to pwn".

A more advanced term for pwnage, also coming with heavier connotations.
1337 kid 1: haha, i 7074llY pwned that n00b
1337 kid 2: yeah man, that was some mad pwnishment.
by DaveZeroZero March 19, 2008
a four letter lie, commonly confused with a feeling of intense affection felt towards another.
by DaveZeroZero May 15, 2007
The act of killing a joke, whether it be one that happened on the spot or a running one.

A person who is entirely funny and makes a habit of committing comedicide can be considered a comedicidal maniac.
Dude, you totally killed that joke - or should i say that you've just committed comedicide!
by DaveZeroZero March 14, 2008
An area, building or object filled with attractive people, or people who you would - i.e. have sex with.

It is derived from this area or object (such as a car) being filled with "would", sounding like "wood", therefore the connection to forest becomes apparent.
Man, that party last night was a forest! There were so many hot girls!
by DaveZeroZero April 5, 2008
a person who is at a loss when it comes to romancing, flirting or other such activities. i.e. someone who fails at everything to do with love or courtship.
i never get any. I'm a lovetard.
by DaveZeroZero June 23, 2007
A girl or woman who regularly goes out seeking anonymous sex not because they enjoy it, but because they feel that it will increase their self-esteem. However, it often has the opposite effect, though these poor, misguided girls often continue in the hope that they achieve the desired effect.
She went through the London bars each week looking for anonymous sex with any guy that would have her just to feel better about herself. She's a self-esteem whore.
by DaveZeroZero February 7, 2009