1) The leader or authority in a group, especially in a group of friends.
2) 2007 Film "Alpha Dog": Johnny Truelove is an Alpha Dog
"Just like how a country has a president, a clique has an Alpha Dog."
by Tim51886 March 2, 2008
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The act of temporarily bolstering your own social status and the expense of another male (usually a friend). Most often seen in terms of an almost reflexive physiological reaction in the presence of an uncommonly attractive female. One male may physically or verbally insult his companion in order to portray his dominant status in the male-male relationship.

This portrayal is often facetious and is likely to be viewed negatively by the insulted party. The alpha-dogger will also feel like a bit of a dick.
1:"wtf brah, you just grabbed my ass, you're alpha-dogging because you saw that hot piece of ass"
2:"sorry dude, I was powerless against the force of millions of years of evolution and the forced suppression of my primal, ape brain by modern society"
1:"it's cool dog, I understand"
by Fuse46406 September 29, 2011
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1. The leader of a pack that rolls several dogs deep.

2. No leash can hold him, and his tail wags for no one.

3. Alpha Dog's bark is in equal proportion to his bite.
He's got all the bitches- he's the Alpha Dog.
by Giga-bat May 13, 2008
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A technique where the man fakes orgasm during intercourse.
She was getting really into it, but I was pretty tired, so I pulled a False Alpha Dog and then went to sleep.

It was April Fools' Day yesterday, so I false alpha dogged my wife a couple of times.
by thugboatz February 4, 2010
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when someone does that fake jump thing
Melodie likes to intimidate people by Alpha Dogging
by notmelodie February 18, 2021
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A user on Ifunny who is the leader of the anti- hate group The Pack. A big inspiration and leader to the users bullied on the app. She makes haters target her instead of other users. She also helps people who need someone to talk to and helps them with problems. The packs motto is ONE OF US! WE ARE ONE!
by Fuck swa April 3, 2014
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