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A person who is known for being wrong about everything that is worth having an opinion about.

If you have a plan you want to follow you should ask their opinion about the plan. If they hate it, then you should probably go ahead and implement the plan. If they love it, then you need to go back to the drawing board as your plan will have deficiencies that you haven't been able to see, but the Known Idiot will have detected and loved.
Programmer 1: John is our known idiot, can you ask him what he thinks of your software design before implementing it?
Programmer 2: I asked him already - he thought it was a great idea....so I'll throw that design away and start again, it's obviously full of bugs.
by Danack August 12, 2013

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A shorter form of refactoring.

In software 'refactoring' code means changing the layout of the code, without changing it's behaviour.

Rectoring code means refactoring it with an automated tool rather than wasting time refactoring it by hand.
I think refactoring this code is going to take too long, and be prone to bugs. Rectoring it with an automated tool would take far less time and be far easier.
by Danack May 05, 2020

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A belief system, basis of an opinion, or legal brief that is full of errors, and as you try to analyze each of those errors doing so reveals more layers of errors underneath.
I've already found nearly a hundred factual errors, mistatements of precedents and errors of basic law. This filing is a trash onion.
by Danack November 27, 2020

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When something lessens in price or estimated value as a result of an act of stupidity, or derp.
The population of the UK voted for Brexit and now the British pound has been derpreciated.
by Danack May 19, 2018

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A more polite way to say pull your finger out.
On the 3rd of May 1945, Allied forces, including the Indian 26th Division and a Gurkha parachute battalion, retook Rangoon from the Japanese ("Opration Dracula"), effectively ending #WW2 in Burma. Over Insein prison, planes spotted these messages by UK POWs ready for liberation: "Japs gone. Extract digit."
by Danack May 03, 2020

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A person who carries out idiotic action even when they should know better.

For example, Donald Trump wiping his lips then shaking hands during a corona virus press conference.
Donald Trump is a known idiot when it comes to the corona virus.
by Danack March 14, 2020

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When the words someone is saying descend into less and less useful details to the point that they realise they are not saying anything useful
I'm going to stop by the store to pickup some potatoes on my way home....hmm, should I get some green veg? I know we've got those leeks that needing up, but I was thinking it might be nice to do a roast on Sunday, and I don't want to have to go to the store again....ah, ignore me, I'm just wibbling here.
by Danack May 09, 2020

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