If your name is Zek, you’re a fucking legend
You do your own thing, carve your own path and mostly just don’t give af about what the others are doing cuz 9 times outta 10 you’re already several steps ahead. You aren’t influenced by norms in society or the ppl that run it. (if your name is Zek and you are somehow dependent on what other ppl think of you: There’s going to be a point in your life when suddenly a switch gets flipped and oh boy it’s gonna be awesome)
Just don’t get too cocky and you’ll go places
Dude what’s Zek doing here?”
I don’t know, but they look so cool!”
by Thatpersonatthebackoftheclass November 23, 2021
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a slang term referring to a convict in a russian prison
there were many zeks working hard labour during the Cold-War era
by Ilianivich March 15, 2003
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PvP Server based on Training mobs, OOR or Same Team healing, Corpes Camping, and any other lame game play you could think of with piss poor CS and GMs/Guides with ball sack hairs for brains.
But we just keep playing!
by Darkstar Fag Hood June 21, 2003
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Tallon Zek is an Everquest PVP server designed to have four teams, but has mostly been anything but that.
I logged in to Tallon Zek to gank some newbs.
by X June 20, 2003
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Zek is blek..

if you know then you know
Zek aka Zach herron


Blek... bc of the ‘ freaky Friday ‘ song controversies a few months ago.
Broooooooo. Zek is blek
by Universal limelight world bish October 29, 2018
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1. A most wonderous, desirable place of mutual happiness and affection. Frequented often by amiable, pleasant well-mannered gentlemen.

2. A pathetic cesspool of loathsome, foul, pitiful excuses for human beings. A squalid wasteland inhabited by repulsive freaks.
Some say that when you take a shit, it goes through the pipes and eventually ends up in Tallon Zek Times.
by SearyxZek September 13, 2003
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An internet forum for the dregs of everquest mmorpg server Tallon Zek to circle jerk each other and ban anyone who makes fun of them for being pretenscious wannabe funny people who will never have lives. The worlds ugliest female, Tesia, resides here.
Lolz , i just banned Bick from tallon zek times for making fun of tesia.
by Reznorr Gnomtek December 26, 2003
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