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gossip, bad information
Dude, I have some major dirt of Brandon
by Dae March 05, 2004

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a small, ratty person
Dude, he's such a chiuhuahua!
by Dae March 05, 2004

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piss off a nun
Dude, I totally poked that penguin when I egged her house
by Dae March 27, 2004

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Quite possibly the best online community for teen girls (and smarter guys, as the site says).
I can't wait to talk to my friends on purplepjs tonight!
by Dae March 29, 2005

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a booger.
Dude, you have a huge greenie hanging out of your nose!
by dae April 20, 2004

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An overly elongated version ofr the word "stuff," used commonly for BSing homework of teachers that don't read it.
This is some lame stuffageness you've made us write...
by Dae April 11, 2003

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verb/verb intransative.

1. To be extremely hungry and/or thirsty, particularly in a situation or location where satiation is hard to come by, such as on the job.

Comes from Terry Schaivo, a woman that passed away after a lengthy court process to remove her feeding tube.
Man, after an 8 hour day I am schaivoing!
by dae March 31, 2005

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