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Plural form of Nippo. As in nipples.
Caroline: Omg, it's so cold.
Jake: Yah I can see your nipposh.
by DL February 01, 2005
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Function: noun
Etymology: broun spot between the ass cheeks
Hey my horny man bitch, i love it when you go knucle deep on my poogarage.
by DL September 22, 2003
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The "Angry Mongoose" is when you are engaged in Anal intercourse and you roughly slide your middle+index finger of both hands in the Ass region as well.....
"Awe man, i was ramming that chick so hard, and then i gave her the Angry Mongoose
by DL December 08, 2018
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As an adjective, heuristic (pronounced from the Greek "heuriskein" meaning "to discover") pertains to the process of gaining knowledge or some desired result by intelligent guesswork rather than by following some preestablished formula. (Heuristic can be contrasted with algorithmic.)
a heuristic is a specific rule-of-thumb or argument derived from experience
by DL September 13, 2004
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Traditionally called a finger cot. These offer protection for fingers in various activities.
Jane stole some finger condoms from her chemistry lab to use at her own leisure.
by DL September 20, 2004
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Santa Clauses Northern Finland Name.
"The night Joulopukki went crazy, the night Joulopukki went nuts"
by DL December 02, 2004
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