As an adjective, heuristic (pronounced from the Greek "heuriskein" meaning "to discover") pertains to the process of gaining knowledge or some desired result by intelligent guesswork rather than by following some preestablished formula. (Heuristic can be contrasted with algorithmic.)
a heuristic is a specific rule-of-thumb or argument derived from experience
by DL September 13, 2004
based on wild guesswork, and prone to error
That problem is too hard, let's just make a heuristic for it.
by glor8 August 5, 2016
A learning or discovering technique based on experience. Or, a way to try something new (like a new position), based on what you already know. If you know what I mean...
-"Sheila and I are going to go work out some serious Heuristic Algorithms tonight."

-"I find this solution to your Heuristic Algorithm really painful."

-"You should try Dave's Heuristic Algorithm! It's got some really intense solutions!"
by Exuat October 4, 2010
A type of heuristic (mental shortcut, as opposed to algorithm) that involves using the most mentally immediate information.

Alternatively, a shortcut in mate selection in which one chooses whoever happens to be available.
I fell prey to my availability heuristic in deciding which restaurant to go to. Subway again, I guess.
by Ebrbfureh February 22, 2016
Through self awareness of the human condition heuristic replacement thinking in others.
I want to make I and you to we. This through self awareness of the human condition heuristic replacement thinking in positive and negative egoism. We have to be aware of social heuristics.
by Sharpnbrite February 23, 2021
A condition in which bias consumes the minds capacity allowing reason to be confused in analytical process by ones belief.
Fighting the reason for vaccination mandates is a result of heuristical deliberation.
by Sharpnbrite February 20, 2022
a heuristic process or method.

the study and use of heuristic techniques.
Bill did that heuristically
by eaitsinagay January 2, 2021