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the earliest time any human should reasonably be expected to wake up. any earlier should be considered unnatural and should only be attempted if there is sufficient reward
"when i had to get up before 6:00 am for work i could feel my soul slowly being eroded away until i became a mindless drone"
by D-Bizz November 30, 2006
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derogatory term used to express disbelief towards a personal request made by somebody who appears to be taking advantage of one's good nature

originated from the classic 90's movie 'Goodfellas', and as such must be said in a heavy Italian accent.
person 1: "mate, reckon you could give me a lift to the train station at 4am tomorrow? i'll buy you a packet of skittles"
person 2: "what do i look like, a schmuck-on-wheels?"
by D-Bizz November 27, 2006
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A localised method of smoking cannabis, generally favoured by the chav drop-outs of south Somerset, however it can be found in many stoner circles due to its cost-effectiveness.

The apparatus required for a shottie comprises a rudimentary tube (usually crafted from a sheet of beer-can metal and electrical tape) and a cheap pop bottle. a hole is burned into the lower part of the bottle and the tube inserted, the bottle is then filled up to the hole with water. the overall impression of a completed shottie configuration is very similar to that of a homemade crack-pipe.

The end of the tube is then packed first with a 'plug' of tobacco, then topped with either dirt bar or herb, depending on the class of toker. this configuration is then smoked much in the same way that a bong might be smoked; however the lack of a gauze means that once the plug of tobacco and herb has been sufficiently burned away, the tokee then efforts a final tug, pulling the plug down through the tube and into the water.

This final expenditure of lung capacity, coupled with the instant blast of smoke to the lungs, provides the true 'magic' of the shottie, leaving the tokee lost in an instant haze, unable to breathe or communicate for a short while.

Excessive abuse of the shottie can be dangerous, and the user can genuinely feel the smoke ripping into his/her lungs when it hits. the use of low quality construction materials and/or cheap dirt bar exacerbates this fact.
"its 4 a.m, i've ingested far too much amphetamine, there is only one thing which could deliver me to the land of drowsiness. time for a shottie"
...chugalugachugaluga FLOOOOOOOOFFFFF!...
by D-Bizz October 27, 2006
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the tiny fragments of extremely hot burning hash which fall out of the end of a spliff and indiscriminantly burn holes in clothes, sofas, carpets, or anything else which the smoker forgot to move out of the way. any regular smoker of hash will gradually begin to find that all of their clothes have been ruined by tiny burn holes caused by the dreaded hotrocks.
dan made the mistake of smoking a spliff while naked, he shrieked like a girl when the hotrocks burned into his pubes
by D-Bizz December 12, 2006
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using moist towelettes as a replacement for running water. so-called due to its popularity at music festivals (particularly at Glastonbury due to the fact that it will inevitably rain causing everyone and everything to become caked in mud and sewage)
similar to the Glasgow shower except that the dirt is actually removed rather than covered up with deodorant
after a hard night filled with partying and substance abuse, followed by sleeping in a damp sweaty tent, a quick Glastonbury Shower provides a much-needed 'burst of freshness'
by D-Bizz December 12, 2006
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the state of mind caused by taking large amounts of ketamine. the user becomes trapped in state of detatchment from their physical presence; the user can think about moving their arm, and will then see an arm moving in front of them, but the link between the thought and the moving arm does not register.
the senses also become distorted, objects appear to move closer or further away resulting in the user's sight becoming fixed to one point, fearing looking away from that point as the distortions are disorientating and in the worst cases can cause nausea.
the combination of these effects leave the user feeling trapped in a frozen state, as if stuck in a hole peering out; hence the expression 'k-hole'
the party animal ingested enough ketamine to tranquilize a family of large bagders, it was all going fine until he found himself in the k-hole, staring at a tile on the floor for 2 hours, unable to move.
by D-Bizz December 18, 2006
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facial hair belonging to someone of a fair complexion.
so called because it is only visible when light is shone directly upon it.
dan's stealth beard was only visible during the day
by D-Bizz November 17, 2006
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