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To sit on a hotel toilet and cry your eyes out, just after losing all your belongings at a club.
Holly was Aberdeen crying after her night out
by Crytopsy88 May 11, 2014

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To Fall asleep while holding your phone
Camille had a french nap
by Crytopsy88 December 16, 2014

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A a lazy person who has no home , Job or money
Blanco spent all day at Deja Vu before pissing his pants and passing out on Kim's couch like the big dosser he is .
by Crytopsy88 July 19, 2020

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To drink your own body weight of alcohol on a night out, knowing that your whipped partner will look after you and the kids in the morning.
Let's go out and get Chloed!!
by Crytopsy88 December 01, 2019

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