A American heavyweight boxer, who uses the excuse my ring walk outfit was too heavy, as a excuse for his demolition in a world heavyweight fight against Tyson Fury.
by Tyson fury fan February 27, 2020
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Dosser is a word to describe heavyweight boxer Deontay Wilder who was schooled over 12 rounds of Boxing by The Gypsy King Tyson Fury.

He somehow managed to get a home town decision even tho he was totally dominated by Fury.
"Look it's that big dosser Wilder, The King of the Bumsquad pretending he is a windmill again."
"Who's that bum embarrassing himself ?It's that dosser who nobody knew until the Gyspy King gave him a pay day."

British Dossers :
AJ aka Bambi on Ice
David Price ( Future Bouncer at Mothercare)

Joe "RoboCop" Joyce

Dillian " Im Hard" Whyte
by IronedOut July 17, 2019
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The title given to American professional

boxer Deontay Wilder by heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury.
Look it up in the urban dictionary, what is a dosser? It will tell you Deontay Wilder
by Emmalc89 July 19, 2019
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Dosser is the current American Boxing world Champion who has a spaghetti hoop legs and would have been in obscurity until The Gypsy King came back and shed some light on him
by Reddin October 13, 2019
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Dosser is a term given to someone who slacks in almost every area they claim to be superior in. They are good at talking but not walking and do not train legs as there’s no such thing as leg day. The word originated from a trilogy of fights between The gypsy king and Deontay ‘Dosser’ Wilder where Deontay the Dosser never turned up to the fight as he was too busy being a Dosser.
‘Hey look! It’s Deontay Dosser Wilder sleeping on the canvas again,’
‘ Come on Dosser it’s only round 11, there’s one more to go’

‘Deontay! Stop being a Dosser and fight back’
by Willbrobeast October 10, 2021
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