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He's a right dosser
by Cully April 01, 2003
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Someone who cheats others or lives off little

EITHER comes from the word 'Doss house' OR DSS'er (Department of Social Security).
fucking hell you dosser clean our appartment
by Duncan Crossland June 13, 2006
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Does absoloutly fuck all with there life apart from smoke weed and think about how to get weed. Typically shares evenings with other dossers smoking fuck tonnes of bush out in the middle of the back arse of nowhere (shed) listening to Biggie Smalls. Shares many comparisons to a chav however talks slightly more broken and has no sense of emotion outside of euphoria.
“Ehhhhh what dooooo ya mean pass the doob ya big whopper hahaaaa”

“Aaaaaaaaa look at you ya dosser shurrup man ahahahaha”
by Kna what a mean? November 08, 2018
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2 or more individuals that are complete waste. Someone who thinks they know anything about boxing and drinking echo falls. Shows up at the pub with only £15. Plural of dosser
Nick Kourdoulou and Craig Kirkton are dossers.
by Joepublic1989 October 01, 2018
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A person who uses the now obsolete DOS (Disk Operating System)
He still uses dos! What a dosser.
by Lvvdsvvl February 13, 2018
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