1. A folk singer or musician.

2. One who is an enthusiast of folk music.
Your girlfriend's dragging you to Ani Defranco? That concert's full of lesbians and folkies!
by Crystal June 16, 2006
A fan of twangy acoustic guitar and banjo music, not a fan of things like shaving and the letter "g". A folkie's idea of a good time is getting so drunk they piss themselves, followed by a night of rollicking about in a rusty pickup truck listening to their twangy music, tossing spent beer bottles out their window while swerving all over the road and running over mailboxes. At some point, they may stop the truck to roll around in the hay with their cousin, if you know what I mean. When finally arriving home, the folkie parks their truck in the front yard, leaves the door open, falls out, attempts to light a cigarette but misses, igniting half of their gnarly beard and causing a riot among the lice that inhabit it. The folkie calls it a day by falling asleep rolling around in a pile of his own puke. Folkies truly are the scum of the earth.
Hippies might have been dirty, but at least they stood for something. All folkies believe in is booze, not shaving, and filth.
by Postmaster General John Potter December 6, 2011
A basketball player that likes dont starve together and big men
by Clammyjarl January 2, 2019
"This place is so busy, look at all the folkies!"
by RockerChic316 June 15, 2021
Folky is someone who gives off extra small dick energy. He attracts a lot of girls, but the only girl that he crushes on crushed him. He claims to be 'built', but he is anorexic as he has 4% body fat.
Bro 1: Bro why are you such a Folky
fuck u nigga
by iwannabe black March 27, 2019