-Hey, I haven't gone concerting in a while, let's go to a show.

-I went concerting last week.

-I love concerting.
by barpo January 26, 2009
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a musical show, with people playing music
i went to a green day concert
by that's miss bitch to you September 25, 2005
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1. An event in which people with similar taste in music congregate to listen to said music in live performance
2. An event in which you pay a ridiculous amount of money to do shit that you could just do in a bar or a club.
1. I'm going to see the concert at carnegie hall.
2. I'm getting dragged by my friends to this concert where I'll listen to shitty music blared through muffled speaker so it's barely audible while I'll rub up against other sweaty people who smell like scotch.
by scratchmaster101 January 27, 2011
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Standing in one spot for hours and paying for it
I wasted money on a concert tht lasts in memory
by Gracie Paul February 15, 2017
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To be on Concerta.
Ben has been working on his lab top all day concerting for his online classes.
by dffdsaklf;jdsal;k October 11, 2013
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An event most people attend not to listen to a band play, but use as an excuse to get shit faced, yell, act like a total asshole, and the most famous reason," Get away from it all." (Because remember you can never be happy in everyday life) The music is usually way too fucking loud and hurts your ears and you'll end up getting blinded by fucking spinning lights on stage as you stand because the people in front of you are too stupid to sit the fuck down and watch. Do you stand at sporting events or when a comedian performs? Should you decide to buy a hoodie or t-shirt your wallet will more than likely be raped, if it hasn't already by the fucking insane food prices at the venue or the ticket cost itself. At the end of the night, the worst driving society has to offer is brought together and displayed in the parking lot/garage. Try not to give into the ever growing impulses of road rage as asshole after asshole keeps honking their horn to play in unison with other assholes who think it's cool to honk their horn as you sit stuck in traffic, not going anywhere, and there's not an exit anywhere in site. If bands REALLY, "Love all their fans so much" as the lead singer of every act on stage will tell you at least 18 times through out their set, they wouldn't let you go through this stupid fucking fail in human existence. Just stay home and listen to the CD!
Something I overheard in a mens' bathroom coming from a man in his early 30's trying to appear hardcore to strangers he met in the pisser, after Evanescence got done playing. " Those people down on the floor weren't moving at all. If I was down there I'd be moshing!!" Moshing to EVANESCENCE??? That guys one of the above mentioned assholes who needs to get a new hobby besides going to concerts.
by Stay@homeandlistentotheCD November 20, 2009
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