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somehowly is somehow mixed with probably
whenever you want to say somehow and probably in the same time
Jack: it is named GLOCK 19 Gen 5 incase you want to somehowly buy it
Mason: oohh yeah thanks

Austin: woah ,im sure he somehowly glitched through a wall
Michael: yeah lets make sure to report that
by Crunchydick July 31, 2020
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Kevin: hey you see that rich guy? hes such a big noob
James: how can you tell?
Kevin: he got literally 2 minutes of playtime
by Crunchydick May 15, 2020
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with time running the ironic shadow of the word has vanished, turning into a funny word, the own meaning also lost the element "not learning" in today's dictionaries omnibus -human, is basically a man having a lot of intelligence of random work fields; specialist of everything.

long story short, youd call someone a omnibus sarcastically when someone thinks they are all knowing and peak intelligence
dude1: man this game is so bad, it used to be better 2 years ago
dude2:the game is a lot better than it was back then and your opinion is wrong
dude1: fuckwit, i got 817 hours on the game for the past 3 years and u tryna say im wrong?
*dude1 on his profile:* -rep dude thinks hes all knowing, mf omnibus speakin right there
by Crunchydick September 12, 2021
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es is a word used by polish people which gerenally means ez or easy

overall, es is a more annoying form and many people will be confused if you tried to say ez
Osoba1: protogen chyba futrzany robot
Osoba1: es

Dude1: protogen more like furry bot
Dude1: es

The furry: *gets offended*
by Crunchydick April 6, 2021
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Polish consists of words which sometimes are not very translateable
Wpierdol is a polish word meaning... actually it consists of more words in english but in polish its just one word

generally it means youre gonna get your shit kicked
dostaniesz wpierdol
dostaniesz means youre gonna get
and wpierdol , you cannot translate it as one word , to make it translateable it needs to be with a sentence like

o ty pojebany chuju ,wpierdol dostaniesz
oh you retarded dick, youre gonna get get your shit kicked

and get your shit kicked means gówno sobie wykop , which also translates , dig yourself some shit
polish is a weird laungage to translate

im polish myself and oh man im gonna tell you
i had problems translating this myself
Osoba1: Wpierdol ci sprzedam ty szamboniaro rozjechana
Osoba2: Chyba w twoim domu!!!!!!

Person1: Im gonna kick your shit you run over septic tank
Person2: More like in your house!!!!!!!
(ofcourse it also translates into im gonna sell your kicked ass which in polish means Sprzedam twoją skopaną dupe , its like google translate over again , you put in a word , and then click the button that reverses the laungages and a completly different word comes out)
by Crunchydick March 6, 2021
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