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A new girl/boyfriend who you cannot stop talking about. Generally making your friends sick.
Tom: Jim just keeps telling me boring things about his fascinating new thing, Shelly.
Bill: Doesn't he know you're single and lonely?
Tom: yeah....
by Crow May 30, 2006
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Boring. Like toast without butter or jelly or jam.
Bob's meetings are interesting for the first few minutes, but after that they're dry toast.
Toyotas are dry toast.
by Crow July 29, 2005
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The place where things that are lost go. You may think something is in the back seat of your car, but when it turns out it isn't, and you can never find it again, it's in schrodinger's trashcan. Lost sunglasses, watches, socks, anything. -source: reallifecomics.com, Aug. 18, 2005
Holy Crap - if that's true this is like some sort of cosmic scratch disk! Instead of keeping track of a lot of useless information, whatever powers that be just toss the excess in here. That explains why so much stuff gets lost, seemingly forever. If something is unobserved for long enough, it's assumed to be safe for removal. This is Schrodinger's Trashcan!
by Crow August 18, 2005
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booboo meaning boobilicously annoying till u wanna scream boobookittyfucker
Shut up booboo and quit acting like a boobookittyfucker.
by Crow June 22, 2005
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An O.K rappa his only good song is that new deliverance and that one by Archie Called We Ready featuring him
by Crow August 17, 2003
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Dope Rappa... that makes disses betta then feminem... too $hort is da shit
too short owns eminem.. period
by Crow August 17, 2003
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It is the most crapiest telecomunication company ever.
by Crow August 17, 2003
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