An artist who doesn’t sing and mainly does freestyles along with some songs made with instruments across different genres across every album or B-side. (Rock, pop, etc.) They are not alternative, though they have similarities. Tyler, the creator and Lil Wayne aren’t rappas.
The rappa has a sick alternative beats.
by Eck212 January 24, 2020
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A person who speaks in ghetto speak to his or her friends in order to sound cool.
Dude, you talk like a rappa!

hey man!!! we haven't hung out in a while, we gotta go out and do somethin one of these days bro, write back to me so we can chill one'll be off the hizzle, fo shizzle?!
by chartreuseshoes May 01, 2008
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When you dishin' out some dick but you really need a piss Yell "IM GUNNA CUM," so she turns round and gets her face close to your dick and yell at the top of your lungs "SIKE IM NOT A RAPPA" and then piss all over her face
Her: oh my god your fuckin me so gud
*she turns round*
*pisses all up in her shit*
by Fiisch June 25, 2017
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The ultimate alpha male of one's neighborhood. The word derived from the Galanou Street, in Thessaloniki, Greece, after the leading gang leader of the neighborhood, Rappas. A Rappas is known to possess superhuman rhyming abilities, advanced historical knowledge, a kink for superheroes, and very stinky sweat.
"Who is Rappas? I heard he is quite strong"
"He is the gamias of the geitonia"
by Mavrokordatos February 16, 2021
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Some d-bag wannabe rapper that makes shitty raps while dropping some snickers in the punch bowl. Has enough raps to drop a mix tape, but instead he just drops pipes.
Tyrant: Bro I been listening to this buhl Rappa on the Crappa. His rhymes are pretty shitty but his pipes are 🔥. Have you heard of him?

Big Easy: Yo welcome back to Rappa on the Crappa... CHECK IT. Boom chicka beem pa beem pa boom boom, splooooooosh.

Tyrant: You are my hero.
by Stoney69 November 07, 2020
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