something that is very cute and adorable. it is used for someone who needs to be kissed and cuddled every second of the day.
you are my booboo!
by pranu87 April 13, 2012
A booboo is a serious injury in a major or freak accident. These can include but not limited to, scrapes on slides, when one falls off a bike, bumps on the head, splinters, etc. Although very serious and will have dire consequences if not treated. It can easily be cured by a ban-aid; and/or a mother's kiss.
Child: "Mommy I have a booboo"

Mother: "It's okay honey" *proceeds to kiss the booboo and apply a band-aid"
by Viskerk May 8, 2020
what black people call poop or doodoo or crap
aye bruh get out the bafroom i gotta take a booboo
by ablackfemale April 2, 2017
1. an injury. Considered a childish term.
"Do you have a booboo on your knee?"
by Ballhead February 26, 2006
A minor injury. Usually kissed if it is on a young child.
Ouch, I got a got a booboo on my knee!
by AnniexCore May 18, 2008
A word for a hater or someone who thinks they are better than it can also mean "you ratchet" the origin of this word is kendrick lamar in his song hood politics
I've been A-1 since day one, you niggas booboo
by urban.expert22 April 2, 2015