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8 definitions by Cripple in da 651

Manhattan, my friends, is not New York City.
However, Manhattan is one of the five boroughs of New York City, (the others being Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.)
Many tourists and foreigners refer to only Manhattan as New York City, and at the the same time have never even heard of Staten Island.
Although Manhattan is well known to outsiders, the island that looks like a penis is not all New York City has to offer.
by Cripple in da 651 May 31, 2008
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The best excuse to be unproductive for eight or more hours every day.
There's really no need for coffee or energy drinks,
Just get some sleep.
by Cripple in da 651 April 4, 2008
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A ten-term congressman who currently represents the 14th district of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Dr. No is also running a national campaign for President in 2008, under the Republican banner.
Unfortunately, Dr. No has very slim chances of being elected.
Dr. No has earned his title for his countless "nays" on the House floor.

Also see Ron Paul
Dr. No-Not your typical Paulitician!
by Cripple in da 651 February 22, 2008
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The #1 ranked competitive eater in the world!
Kicked Kobayashi's ass.
66 hot dogs in 12 minutes.
Straight from 707!
Joey Chestnut is my hero!
by Cripple in da 651 April 7, 2008
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The originator of Whoop Ass!
An awesome soda pop manufacturer with countless original flavors.
Berry Lemonade,
Purple Pomangranade,
Maple Soda,
Just a few of Jones' many flavors.
I know a girl who got one of her photos on the label, too!
Jones Soda is amazing.
You should try it some time.
by Cripple in da 651 May 15, 2008
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The best team in baseball!
Players who aren't concerned solely about their paycheck.
Recently signed the best pitcher in baseball to one of the most lucrative contracts in history.
Insane talent in,
third baseman #5 David Wright and
shortstop #7 Jose Reyes.
Awesome ballpark, (Shea)
which never sold out to a corporate sponsor,
like the new ballpark, (Citi)
Loyal fans, who can live through a season ending in September,
unlike the Bronx.
(King Georgie and loud-mouth Hank have to buy their victories instead.)
Mets=The Kings of Queens
The Bronx can suck it!
'Nuff said
by Cripple in da 651 March 30, 2008
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The only consistently successful sports team in the state!
Twins, and
all suck!
Minnesota Wild: Stanley Cup '08?
by Cripple in da 651 April 7, 2008
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