Third baseman for the New York Mets. One of the best Mets to run the bases of Shea Stadium or Citi Field. He puts his heart and soul into his work and pays attention to his fans, unlike most of the Yankees. He's so many kids' heroes. He's outstanding all around: being a hard-working and amazing major league baseball player, having a fantastic personality, AND being gorgeous beyond all reason. He's someone the Yankees cry over. Every newspaper in the country uses "Wright" puns.
The day David Wright wears a Yankees uniform is the day Hell freezes over.
by ILOVETHEMETS July 17, 2010
David Wright is the hope of the New York Mets...He has more skill then most players in MLB...I can field and hit...He is young so this gives the Mets a player they can mold and call their own...Little kids look up to him, men want to be him, and women love him (he is easy on the eyes too)...
Son: Hey daddy I want to be a pro-ball player someday just like David Wright...
Dad: As long as you still remember who took you to your first Mets game...
Mom: And if you can introduce mommy to David Wright someday...
by Mets fan 01 October 4, 2005
A well known homosexual athlete that plays for the New York Mets. David Wright is in a relationship with Jose Reyes, and the two did a couples photo-shoot with esquire magazine (google it).
David Wright has done nothing of note during his short career, except for contribute heavily to the Mets 2007 collapse.
David Wright is the most overhyped player in baseball, but he sure does like going down on Jose Reyes.
by YesItsAFact September 18, 2008
MY LOVA!!! the most amazing bf on the planet. =)
by Lipzsees November 18, 2004
Verb; Noun: To make a very bad error in baseball. An error that costs your team the game in baseball. Named after the terribly overrated 3rd basemen for the New York Miserables, David Wright. He consistently makes errors at a hilarious (to non-met fans, which basically means everybody) rate, and yet has won a gold glove, simply for playing in New York. He truly epitomizes the most miserable franchise there is...the New York Mets...I mean Miserables
Me: Hey bud how did your game go?
Mike: It went fine until Chad pulled a David Wright on the last out of the game to blow the lead and lose the game!
Me: Ugh! No wonder he's so miserable, he pulls David Wrights and is a mets fans, the worst combination!
Mike: You mean miserables...?
Me: Oh yes, of course
by Sheriff69 October 3, 2011