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An increasingly terrible network which introduced good shows, such as Dexter's Lab, and Samuri Jack, then overdid them. Now, Dexter's Lab is no longer funny. None of the newer versions of any of the cartoons are funny. The reruns still provoke laughter, but the new ones are just sad.
Despite it's lack of humor, Cartoon Network is better than Nickelodeon.
by Cricket June 19, 2004

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boy band pioneers from Boston
New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits.
by Cricket September 08, 2003

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a girl who looks pretty good and flirts with a bunch of guys but doesn't actually like them or want to have anything to do with 'em; leads people on

ex1. lifeguard who'll let you put your feet in the pool but won't let you jump in.

ex2. forest ranger who give matches to a pyro and tells 'em not to burn the forest down.
Hey look at that girl. She's such a dick tease, kinda reminds me of that jennifer miles girl who likes chicks.
by Cricket September 13, 2004

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The actions of the girl you got pregnant while you were drunk...usually brought on by her jealousy of another ho in your life.
This baby momma drama is killin' my game!
by Cricket September 08, 2003

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a debilitating disease wherein an individual consistently hears incorrect lyrics to songs
"there's a bathroom on the right" in lieu of "there's a bad moon on the rise"
by cricket March 22, 2005

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cody peet is a boy with stinky feet and he sits around all day and likes to beat his meat......he likes to make out with fat chicks and finds out they got big dicks....then he runs away and passes out and waits for his penis to become nice and stout hahahah lil chodey peet
hahaha cody peet is the anal king
by cricket April 02, 2005

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a surprised attack by a large group of peeps apone a smaller groups of peeps
Homie see thoses fags over there? the short one fucked my gurl, lets jump those bitches
by Cricket October 27, 2003

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