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Cat feet. (A portmanteau of paws and feet.)
My kitten has the most adorable peets.
by The Real Thesaurus Rex August 17, 2016
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The hind paws of an anthropomorphic animal, as used by furries. It's a portmanteau of the words "paws" and "feet."
Aww, that fox has such cute peets :3
by SMLJRON September 29, 2018
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The cutest part of a hamb, the cat's paws.
"Hamb offer two peets, do you accept?"
by BestGorlPorl July 27, 2018
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v. A shortened form of the word peace that refers to goodbye.
-I really have to get out of here, I'm going to fuck your mother.-Alright, peet.
by Dumontdick June 30, 2006
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