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An increasingly terrible network which introduced good shows, such as Dexter's Lab, and Samuri Jack, then overdid them. Now, Dexter's Lab is no longer funny. None of the newer versions of any of the cartoons are funny. The reruns still provoke laughter, but the new ones are just sad.
Despite it's lack of humor, Cartoon Network is better than Nickelodeon.
by cricket June 20, 2004
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cody peet is a boy with stinky feet and he sits around all day and likes to beat his meat......he likes to make out with fat chicks and finds out they got big dicks....then he runs away and passes out and waits for his penis to become nice and stout hahahah lil chodey peet
hahaha cody peet is the anal king
by cricket April 2, 2005
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I don't think you ready for this jelly.
(I don't think you realize what a fat ass I am underneath these ghetto assed clothes.)
by cricket September 8, 2003
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a surprised attack by a large group of peeps apone a smaller groups of peeps
Homie see thoses fags over there? the short one fucked my gurl, lets jump those bitches
by cricket October 28, 2003
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a debilitating disease wherein an individual consistently hears incorrect lyrics to songs
"there's a bathroom on the right" in lieu of "there's a bad moon on the rise"
by cricket March 22, 2005
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The main character in the book, Lamb The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal. He invented sarcasm.
"La-la-la. Hey Roman guy, too bad about your getting stabbed. La-la-la. It's probably not a message from God or nothing. La-la-la. Telling you that maybe you should have gone home, la, la, la. Instead of oppressing the chosen people who God hisownself has said that he likes better than you. Fa, la, la, la." -Biff, when distracting a Roman gaurd so Jesus could bring a man back from the dead when they were young.
by cricket June 20, 2004
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