63 definition by Corey

its what the combination of "manda kay hanks". which is what my girlfriends name will be when we get married
hey manda cakes ya wanna go to the movies
by corey January 05, 2005

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Sweaty sack. Testicles with little or no ventilation will result in swack.
This humidity is really giving me swack.

Lick my swack.
by Corey March 24, 2003

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Some queer that always has a woody and masturbates 10 times a day for every time he sees some chick's hot parts because he doesnt have a fuckin life
"Dude, that perverts gettin a fuckin hardon over Fat Heathers ass crack hanging out of her seat."
by Corey February 24, 2005

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Final Fantasy
Front Engine
Front Wheel Drive
False Friend
Front flip
focus fire
freindly fire
Fan Fiction
Fatal Fury
Final Fight
Man, there are too many definitions of FF yo!
by Corey December 20, 2003

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Eunit is the short name for the bad ass electric shop at Bristol Plymouth School
The E Unit be keepin it gangsta
by Corey April 02, 2003

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A slang word used to describe the affect ladies have on some guyz. Chevolet's mato is "LIKE A ROCK". If a girl makes your shit Chevy she got u hard. She got you "LIKE A ROCK".
Damn home girl got me all Chevy an shit.
by Corey January 17, 2005

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LOC love of crips, crip knowledge or 6lue to the fullest
much LOC t hat nigga has or them niggaz is LOC out
by corey May 20, 2004

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