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n case is a spyware/adware that screws up your computer until it can barely even run
other forms are nCASE, n-case
it was created by 180solutions. their "...mission was To create technologies that deliver the right marketing message to the right people at the right time. "
....wat a bunch of BS, eh?
by Connotator May 10, 2005
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a friendly country that is under the threat by a country in the UN (china), how ironic
OMG WTF, so much for that "universal declaration of human rights" and peace-keeping and UN. It seems that UN is a laissez faire with more words than action.
by Connotator May 5, 2005
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1. it stands for BULLSHIT
2. it is said when someone tells a lie
3. it is used when someone says something to suck-up
4. it is said when you literally see bull poo
5. a term used when you have to speak or write for a certain length and you have nothing better to say.
1. bullshit
2. "the sky is green"
3. "OMG, your dress is the prettiest thing i've ever seen"
4. I see bullshit on the ground
5. I can't write a 5 page essay on why 1 + 1 = 2. Therefore, I'll BS my way through
by Connotator May 5, 2005
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a rapper who has a tendency to rap about his sexual reproductive system, which he calls it the "magic stick". he has at least two of his magic stick songs. they are "candy shop" and..."magic stick"

this rapper is just like any other mainstream rappers out there... they all make the same kind of lyrics about sex, drugs, violence, and bad language mixed with a tune made from some midi format music
rap is only one letter short of rape.... i wonder why....
by Connotator June 9, 2005
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acronym for Please Leave On, its for important information written on school black boards so that janitors won't erase and clean it.
| 1+1=2 |
| |
| p.l.o. |
by Connotator May 16, 2005
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