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This is the unpleasant term, first used by 'Loaded' a U.K. 'lads' magazine to describe death by fisting. Its roots lie in the case of a young man Stuart Lubbock who was fisted to death at a poolside drugs and sex party hosted by the U.K. television celebrity michael barrymore.

It is at this drugs and sex, poolside party, that michael barrymore and his perverted chums took the naieve stuart lubbock into a private bedroom, and fisted him to death. The medical pathologist recorded 'serious anal and rectal injuries'. Yet michael barrymore was aquitted and 'death by misadventure' was recorded.
It is particularly awful way to die: being kidnapped by gay men and 'lubbocked' to death.
by Clinton Sounds April 19, 2005
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This being a lesbian sexual activity where they lie horizontally on top of each other rubbing their genitals together.
Sandra and Sarah decided to abandon the dildo and enjoy a trabadism
by Clinton Sounds February 1, 2004
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These being human feces. A term often coined by medical doctors who realise that old folk do not understand the term feces or bowel movements. A stool can be up to nine inches in length, that being the total expanded length of the human rectum. It can have a circumference of up to eight inches and can be foul stinking or without odour. So much information can be taken from a stool, blood group, age, sex, eye color and even height and weight.

A stool is much envied by coprophilics and coprogenics. The ingestion of stools is not recommended, as it can lead to fatal infection, disease and premature death.

stools are often used in sex games, in particular brown docking a sexual practise that is very popular in Japan between lesbian Japanese women.

A stool sandwich is a highly dangerous snack offered to an enemy, often with unpleasant side effects.
I wrapped my stool in cling film wrap and sealed it inside a jiffy bag. I mailed it at my local post office to Noriko my coprophilic Japanese girlfriend. She called me by telephone, days later and told me how much she had loved chewing the stool and swallowing large chunks of it. I felt nauseated at the thought, yet I felt a hopeless pride in the fact that she had chosen me as a stool donor.
by Clinton Sounds April 4, 2005
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This being the resulting mixture of semen and menstrual fluid, so called due to the red and white colour.
I fucked Sandra during her period, shot my load and she fanny farted the strawberrys and cream on to the bed sheets.
by Clinton Sounds February 1, 2004
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Sounds is the name given to stainless steel tubes, of various design that are inserted into the male urethrea for sexual pleasure or pain. It is a common practise amongst the bdsm community. Solitary use of sounds, by a male involves the inserting of a sound into his japs eye or urethra and pushing the sound (which is usually well lubricated with a non-oil based lubricant) deep into the bladder so that the head of the sound rubs directly upon the prostate gland of the male. Such stimulation of the prostate gland from the inside of the bladder is often described as 'ecstatic' or 'incredible'.

The solitary use of sounds for sexual pleasure often becomes pathological and dangerous, with the user experimenting with different shaped and textured sounds so as to heighten his sexual pleasure.

The use of sounds in the bdsm community is both dangerous and depraved. The victim, who is male, often has sounds thrust with little care or compassion into his urethrea or japs eye. Not surprisingly biological damage to the urethra and bladder is common, infection and serious injury often follow and lifetime bladder incontinence is a real risk. More serious cases involve penile cancer, bladder cancer and tumours of differing seriousness. The use of sounds is outlawed in many countries and to own a set of sounds is illegal.

The internet, is often the place where sounds can be bought and they are available for sexual deviants worldwide...at a cost, both financially and biological.
Horace inserted a sound into Berties urethra with loving kindness. Bertie orgasmed with such intensity when it rubbed against his prostate gland.
by Clinton Sounds May 4, 2005
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This being a sandwich that has been jizzed over and offered an unsuspecting victim. The recipient can be either sex, and someone who the donor secretly dislikes.
I got my revenge against Sandra by offering her a spunk sandwich, which she ate unwittingly. Inside my head, I bubbled with a mixture of pride and guilt, keeping this sordid fact to myself for the time being, yet surely to reveal to her at a later date.
by Clinton Sounds February 1, 2004
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Sanitary Napkins, used by women during menstruation. These of are often disposed of into a container next to the water closet, they are often fall into the hands of a pedal bin vampire.
Sandra applied the jam rag to her vulva, since her menstrual flow was heavy, and chewy bits were abundant.
by Clinton Sounds February 4, 2004
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