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'fako' is an adverb and is used to describe anything that you consider to be sub-standard, irratating, trashy, annoying or just plain stupid! to the point that it shouldnt exist.
"OMG that is sooooo fako"
"Did u see that? Fako!"
"lol fako"
by claire February 03, 2005
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A person who writes fortunes to put in fortune cookies.
Dang I hate my fortune it didn't come true... Fako fail...
by Jeremy S Smith February 02, 2010
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Typically Used when describing Italian Bandwagons, FAKO is made up of FAKE and ITALIANO. It's used to describe Italians who boast more than they should about their alleged die hard fandom of their culture. This word is to be used exclusively for people who claim to be Italians when they know close to nothing about the Origin. This word was originally created by his friends, this word was first made to describe ANTHONY RIVERA.
Superman: "Hey Anthony, since you claim to be a full Italian, tell me what 'FUGAZI' means.
Anthony: "I don't know."
Superman:"Ha! You liar! You're a FAKO!"
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by AllStar27 May 01, 2018
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