9 definitions by Cinna

a woman of the unusually hairy variety, expecially in the "nether" regions. ex. Madonna in her Playboy pictures.
Hey, yo, weasel that bitch was such a bushmonkey that it would take me all day, a compass, and a brushhog to find her frog.
by Cinna January 6, 2005
a crackho that slobs your weasel after she either a) removed her dentures or b) just let all her teeth rot out her cakehole. also can be referred to the actual "slobbing" itself. advantageous to those who have had bad experiences with over-zealous biters.
That old bat gummer on the corner is the cheapest ratwhore in town!
Man I got this phat ass gummer off this crabass bitch yesterday!
by Cinna January 6, 2005
one who exchanges sexual favors for crack, also can be a lot lizard
My ex got with that crackho after me? Well he sure ain't getting no more of this, that's for sure.
by Cinna January 6, 2005
Very large,delicious,suculent breasts. Also see juggs
Did you see those all stars busting out of her shirt?
by Cinna September 2, 2004
male penis, usually used in a derogatory manner.
That fucker had the smallest weasel I ever saw in my life, and it was shaved too..
by Cinna January 6, 2005
a phrase usually used when calling someone at work (and on other traceble phone lines) to let them know that you are waiting in the parking lot to kill their ass.
Listen crackho, give me back my twenty dollars cause i got your llama.
by Cinna January 6, 2005
one who is an idiot and/or a cheapskate.
That man I went out with last weekend was a real craprabbit.
by Cinna January 6, 2005