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Something that high school musicians seem to spend an eternity settling on, and often resorting to random phrases, in jokes, and in the case of death metal bands a word to do with disease, death or witchcraft
Drummer: Dude we should totally name the band 'Ninjas on fire.'

Bassist: No loser that's a terrible band name, no one will take us seriously we'll never make it with a name like that.

Guitarist: You guys realize we can't play any songs and all we did was make a MySpace right?
by ChucklesMginty October 23, 2008

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No videos = shut the fuck up. A phrase normally seen in the comments section of Youtube videos, particularly guitar or bass demonstrations. To reply to haters claiming they're better, but have no evidence to prove this on their Youtube channels.
Hater: i cud prbably play dat wid ma cok lozer u suk dik.

Guitarist: No videos = stfu.

by ChucklesMginty September 25, 2008

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A addition to the phrase 'lol' (laugh out loud) used when something is just too funny to use 'rofl' 'lmao' etc.
George: "I found out that angry butler means 'wiping your ass on someones laundry!'"

Alex: "lolontheroof HAHAHAHAHA!!!!"
by ChucklesMginty April 02, 2008

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An erection caused by obssesive use, or excitement of Nintendo games, consoles, videos, or just anything about Nintendo.

Man, when he finally got Smash Bros. Brawl back home he got a HUGE Nintenrection.

That guy played Mario Galaxy for a whole 5 hours! He had a Nintenrection the whole time!

Nintendo geek is so excited about getting Mario Kart Wii it's causing him to getting sudden Nintenrections every time someone even mentions it.

by ChucklesMginty April 06, 2008

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1.A technique used on the guitar which combines the use of the pick and also the fingers (2nd and 3rd.)Often used by country guitarists.

2. A technique used on the guitar that if played high enough is great for scaring your neighbor's pets.

'Woah, Jerry's cat looks freaked out'

'Ah, tell him I said sorry, It's probably because I've been practicing my hybrid picking again.'
by ChucklesMginty July 21, 2008

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The female version of Pedro, name may not be as good but is still just as awesome.
Matchmaker: would you like to go out with Pedro?

Loner: No way man Pedroline's the one for me!
by ChucklesMginty April 02, 2008

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