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yiff. Usually with a heterosexual style, connotates the idea of a male "seeding" a female.
"Darius said he was too busy to come to the party, but I say he's doing extreme gardening with that online girlfriend of his."
by Chromium February 19, 2006
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American dollars. It used to refer to the "double eagle" coins from 1877-1907, however it now simply refers to any American paper currency.
"The crooked cop was giving Martel a hard time 'till Martel bribed him with a fistfull of Double Eagles."

"The price of oil is measured in Double Eagles."
by Chromium February 15, 2006
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standard font available to all computers. Used when breaking up relationships in IM conversations to finalize the deal.
At first Leonindas thought she was joking, then she switched to MS sans serif and he knew she was gone forever.
by Chromium July 31, 2005
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Extreme pervert, a person who is into acting out and performing in sexual situations in areas such as incest, children, non-human creatures, execution and similar.
Hannibal told me that Philip's computer was filled with child porn and that he acted in incest twice a week. I can't believe I lived next to a pervet.
by Chromium November 26, 2005
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1. Very good, amazing, awesome, glorious or expensive.

2. Large bills, or, large amounts of money on hand.
1. "I hear Mardonius bought a Grenade Machinegun."
"That is heavy lettuce."

2. Good thing we didn't pull over. They might have stolen my heavy lettuce.
by Chromium April 03, 2005
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Took, bought, acquired, got, stole
Xenophon snapped up a copy of How To Talk To A Liberal (if you must) by Ann Coulter at a grocery store, of all places.
by Chromium July 24, 2005
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With extra and unnecessary force, an attempt to crush the opposition.
Xerxes planned his revenge Soviet style.
Xenophon's girlfriend bitched him out Soviet style.
Milton was just hammered by a Soviet style tackle!
by Chromium September 11, 2005
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