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Two bald men hugging it out.
Kent and Bill hugged in the conference room. It was a total double eagle..
by fineliney March 16, 2016
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being tag teamed by two members of the eastern michigan wrestling team
a girl was talking to two different wrestlers on the team and met up with one of them for a date or so she thought when the other one showed up and the two gave her a double eagle!
by swoop the eagle August 11, 2010
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American dollars. It used to refer to the "double eagle" coins from 1877-1907, however it now simply refers to any American paper currency.
"The crooked cop was giving Martel a hard time 'till Martel bribed him with a fistfull of Double Eagles."

"The price of oil is measured in Double Eagles."
by Chromium February 15, 2006
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A woman's vaginal hair that has been so shamefully neglected as to take on the physical characteristics of two large eagles trapped between said bitch's ample thighs.
"Holy crap, is that Jimi Hendrix down there or a double eagle where your pussy should be!?"
by afterbirtha December 30, 2008
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When you are taking a girl from behind, using your hands to massage her ass, making a inward circle with your thumbs to insert thumbs into said ass. Truly talented "eagle scouts" can spit on thumbs before penetration.
I was dogging my girlfriend and gave her a surprise with the double eagle. She screamed.
by The Real Shocker July 25, 2009
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