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A very large shit that is so big the toilet cannot swallow it in whole... However, eventually the pressure from the water flow will cause the shit to break in half and be flushed away in two parts. Some say they think they can hear Leonardo DiCaprio confessing his love for Kate as the turd is broken and sent to the bottom of the sea.
The other day I had Taco bell for lunch and dinner and man, that night...(shakes his head back and forth slowly) I launched a Titanic out to sea, I thought I was giving berth to a horse!
by Christobon December 19, 2007
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It is when a man becomes horny and wants his woman to pleasure him, or he just wants to hit that ass.

Also a word used in a out of the blue outburst to alert others among a group of guys when a hot girl is spotted by one of them. The meaning in this situation is the person with the outburst would like to get freak nasty with the woman.

When properly pronounced the words are to be recited in a higher pitched tone with a Ebonic accent.
example 1:
Baby I'm home and its Mr Nasty Time!!!

example 2:
Damn look at that chick, Mr nasty time!!!
by Christobon January 07, 2008
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Found in a portable toilet or port-o-let at a construction site. It is the lid that closes the toilet which is believed to be a tunnel that leads to Mexico that many of the workers at the construction site have emerged from.
Man are there any Americans employed by this contractor or does he just open the Mexican escape hatch to find a crew.
by Christobon December 16, 2007
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A scary place, if you are entering one take great precaution. A double rap is highly recommended. A vagina with enormous amounts of foliage, possibly even migrating onto the inner thigh area. But sometimes this area can be one of the safest to explore, it is possible this cave has never been spelunked and the owner is unfamiliar with proper upkeep and preperation of the carpeted entrance.
I hooked up with this Arabian chick last night and man, I had trouble munching on that lions den, I had to put on a miners helmet to find the wetspot.
by Christobon December 18, 2007
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When a dirty slut has multiple men ejaculate in her mouth in a single sexual experience, the slut must be able to not swollow until after the last seahorse has been evacuated from the final contestants testies.
Man, Sally is such a hot looking slut, we should get her drunk one night and give her a mexican fish bowl.
by Christobon December 18, 2007
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A male or female that is prone to giving oral pleasure to the male genitalia. The term refers to the fact they they now have very well developed and limber neck muscles. They can possibly be referred to as an oral athlete. Sometimes this person may have a neck shape resembling that of a pelican's.
Look at that swivel neck over there I'd bet she can give all three of us brain and not even break a sweat.

Look at the big Adam's apple on that guy, looks like a swivel neck queer.
by Christobon December 17, 2007
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refers to when a man is putting his penis into an anus, usually referring to homosexual sex. The penis is possibly in the anus splitting turds/logs in half as it penetrates. It does not have to be a homosexual act, the man can split the logs of a woman as well.
#1 Have you seen John and Bryan lately?

#2 No, have you?

#1 Yeah, they were holding hands at the park. I never thought they would turn out to be log splitters! Prison can change a man I guess.
by Christobon December 19, 2007
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