16 definitions by Christa

A person who plays an MMORPG still even though he says he is retired.
"OMG I found out Johnny is playing on Mordred, he is such an Etheros!"
by Christa July 17, 2004
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Weasle with a kung-fu grip =
Total knob-guy
a jerk
by Christa February 24, 2004
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one who is unually white trash, or redneckish.
Look at that jeeter over there! Woo-wee that boy's ridin that tractor like there ain't no tomorrow!!
by Christa January 11, 2004
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An extremely horrible guilt trip best exicuted by Jewish people in which they make you feel guilty for wanting something they need. Not to be confused with catholic guilt
Hey dad can I have this chili in the fridge. Shure but I will die if you eat it because I haven't had food in days. Dad stop jewish guilting me.
by Christa April 14, 2015
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