8 definitions by Chode Slapper

A small bit of poo left after a flush.
Maryann was eager to get to the coffee shop she forgot to second flush that pooplet to hell
by Chode Slapper January 24, 2010
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Did you check out that McChode on Tavish McCluger? Why would you use a urinal with something like that?
by Chode Slapper January 27, 2010
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A person whose eyes are so far apart that you can land a jumbo jet on her face.
Kate Moss has a face you can land a jumbo jet on, SJP has the nose in which to pull it up!
by Chode Slapper January 20, 2010
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A finger resembling a chode, ie the finger is fatter than it is tall
Dude check out the chingers on that fella, he could block a goatse with one of them!
by Chode Slapper January 31, 2010
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When igniting anal gasses the flame attaches itself to the chode butter causing a near case of spontaneous human combustion
Laughter erupted around the room when Uncle Bob's attempt at lighting a fart turned into a chode flambe. Aunt May managed to light her cigarette from the flame
by Chode Slapper January 20, 2010
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Adding chode butter to a serving of mashed potatoes and then serving them to your enemy
Jack served a dish of chode mash to the man who stole his girlfriend.
by Chode Slapper January 19, 2010
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A person specialising in the unlocking of the chode key from the lock of delight.
Danielle had to call a chodesmith when the man she was screwing got stuck in her twilight surprise
by Chode Slapper January 20, 2010
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