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A thick substance consisting of sweat and dead skin cells that accumulates in the chode region between the balls and ass.
By the end of the trip, the chode butter had solidified.
by Carlos Caliente December 01, 2005
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n. After not bathing for an extended period, accompanied with wearing the same underpants,usually boxers, this slimy substance forms either between the shaft of the penis and balls, or in the grundle area. It is usually very ripe and potent. If you knead it repeatedly it's scent with stick to your fingers
After a hard days work at Jack-in-the-Box, Parker's chodebutter had caused a smelly, chaffy, mess.
by Parker Newton May 18, 2007
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Sweat originating from the scrotum of males (ball sweat)
When I tea bag Brett's mom, she loves to lick my chode butter.
by Enrique Villareal January 25, 2003
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the act of buttering up one's chode with lubricant or butter, which is more convienant, and the other male of female partner stroking it.
Hey Tom, how was the chode butter last night?

Tom: It was great, Darius stroked it well.
by pablopooop January 08, 2016
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