A small bit of poo left after a flush.
Maryann was eager to get to the coffee shop she forgot to second flush that pooplet to hell
by Chode Slapper January 24, 2010
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small turd stuck in your butt hole and plops into toilet.
Damnit!!!there's a pooplet stuck in my asshole!!!!
by poopmaster January 16, 2004
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To do a small poop, no bigger than a grape. Such pooplet comes out in multiples and is never a single entity. Therefore pooplets are never alone. If on the rare occasion you do a single pooplet, it is referred to as a pooplia.
Person 1 - 'Are you okay in there?'
Person 2 - 'I won't be long, I'm just doing a pooplet'
by Kirby Duck October 03, 2014
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