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1. A person with normal hair on their head but red hair growing from the chin.
zackary allen from 119th st is a bonified chinger
by jaccob the ginge February 12, 2010
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A chinger is a telephone fraud device that mimics the frequency made by a pay telephone when money was dropped into it. Putting money in the coin slot caused a DTMF or Dual Tone Multi Frequency signal to be sent out to the central switching box which registered it and when enough money had been inserted into the phone would connect the call. The chinger could mimic that sound and thus produce the equivalent effect of dropping a quarter into the pay phone.

So basically, a chinger allowed the user to make unlimited free calls from certain pay phones. They could be made using a simple pocket electronic address book sold at Radio Shack, and replacing the chip inside to alter the output sound.

They were also known as "red boxes" but the name chinger probably referred to the chiming sound it made when mimicing a quarter drop.

Most modern pay phones no longer use the DTMF tones, rendering the chinger obsolete... but it was fun while it lasted!
Hey gimme that chinger I need to make a phone call.
by jacaranda February 01, 2008
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A shortening for the area "Chingford," in East London. Or the E4 post code area
It can be written as: Chingas or Chingaz.
"im going yard, back to chingers"
"bruv are you in Chingers yet?"
by EssexFlex November 29, 2007
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This is a Chinese person who wishes he was black. Sort of like a Wigger, just a Chinese person
"Wow, look at the Chinger trying to rap... It sounds like shit."
by R. Hoke August 12, 2007
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Who invited that guy? A chinger is the other kind. You can hear them screaming drunk nonsense in the street. Chinger is a universal term for "them." For some they wear the type that wear mini skirts in the winter, others they wear hemp choakers with their Ralph Lauren polo... pop'd ofcourse. But to them you are a chinger too and theres always one at the party.

Everyone can act like a chinger from time to time.
Dude you gotta make it tonight, don't be a chinger.
by kingching4life April 11, 2011
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slang - noun - meaning an asian person, usually chinese/japanese/vietnamese etc
Look at the chinger, she is the worst driver on the road
by J.F.R July 01, 2006
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